STOP is different. STOP’s mission goes beyond justice for individual survivors. STOP is using what happened to survivors in their past to CHANGE THE FUTURE for tens of thousands of children.

STOP’s California legislation is the first and only proposal to hold institutions accountable by imposing triple damages on institutions that COVER UP child sexual assault.

Success in California will begin a new nationwide effort to end COVER UPS of child sexual assault.

Survivors Taking On Predators


Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher
Recognized as California’s fiercest defender of women and children, Assemblywoman Gonzalez-Fletcher is the author of California’s groundbreaking child sexual assault COVER-UP legislation.
Joelle Casteix
A survivor who leads, supports and inspires others to come forward, Joelle is doing something groundbreaking. She is leading America’s first drive against institutional COVER UPS…because she has decided it’s the only way to go beyond individual justice for survivors and attack the issue at its roots. And CHANGE THE FUTURE for tens of thousands of children.
Law Enforcement
In supporting the STOP COVER UP legislation, the California Police Chiefs Association concluded it will "confront the pervasive problem of cover ups in institutions, from schools to sports leagues, which result in continuing victimization and the sexual assault of additional children."

The Peace Officers Research Association of California and the Los Angeles Police Protective League have joined the Police Chiefs in supporting STOP’s first-in-the-nation attack on institutional COVER UPS.
Michael Finnegan
Legislative Counsel
A legal scholar and successful defender of survivors, Mike writes new laws that empower survivors to take on predators and CHANGE THE FUTURE. From Minnesota to California to Hawaii, Mike’s work has already spared thousands of children. Mike has crafted the California’s attack on institutional COVER UPS.
Jeff Anderson
One of America’s foremost lawyers in winning justice for survivors and protection for children, Jeff donates his attorney fees to our cause and STOP’s mission of CHANGE.

“Stoppers” Are People Like You

Thousands of survivors have turned their trauma into a shield that spares children from predators disguised as teachers, coaches, or ministers.

But STOPPERS are committed to going beyond individual justice. STOPPERS are survivors who will use what happened in their past to end COVER UPS and CHANGE THE FUTURE for tens of thousands of children who will be spared.

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Survivors Taking On Predators


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